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A (Potential) Breath of Relief

April 24, 2024 | Posted by: Brie Robertson

After years of holding steady or inching upwards, we might be finally catching a  break on mortgage rates. This news comes with a sigh of relief for prospective homebuyers and existing homeowners alike, who have been grappling with the challenge of rising borrowing costs in recent years.

For the past few years, Canadians have witnessed a gradual uptrend in mortgage rates. Driven by various factors such as inflation, politics and global economics, this trend has made homeownership increasingly expensive for the average Canadian.

However, recent developments suggest a potential reversal in this trend. In their April 2024 rate decision, the Bank of Canada signalled their key indicators of inflation have all moved in the right direction and that a rate cut this summer is “within the realm of possibilities.” 

The prospect of declining mortgage rates comes as welcome news for those looking to enter the housing market or refinance their existing mortgages. Lower rates not only make homeownership more affordable but also provide an opportunity for existing homeowners to reduce their monthly payments or access equity in their homes through refinancing.

Also, lower mortgage rates could stimulate housing market activity, potentially boosting demand for homes and supporting property prices. This could be particularly beneficial for regions where housing affordability has been a pressing concern, allowing more Canadians to fulfill their dreams of homeownership.

While the exact trajectory of Canadian mortgage rates remains uncertain and dependent on a range of factors, including economic indicators and central bank decisions, the signs of a potential downturn offer hope for borrowers. As always, it's essential for prospective homebuyers and homeowners to stay informed about market developments and consult with their mortgage broker about their financing options.

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